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Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules (2011)

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Mar 25,2011

Hollywood Movies | Comedy | Family

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Length: 99 Minute(s)
Back in middle school after summer vacation, Greg Heffley and his older brother Rodrick must deal with their parents' misguided attempts to have them bond.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity 3/10 Rodrick tells Greg that "chicks love bad boys" and tells him to light a firecracker at school (that never happens). We see a flashback to boys in swimsuits laughing at Greg for being in a tiny, Speedo type suit. It is implied that two teen girls kiss Rowley on the cheeks at a party. We see Greg shirtless in bed and then standing in just his underwear when he realizes Rodrick has his diary and is going to show it to Holly (in the senior citizen home where they're staying with their grandfather). Rodrick runs off, with Greg in hot pursuit, down hallways and into the main areas of the center, in just his underwear. Greg has a crush on Holly Hills and flirts a bit, this is a side-plot, although in the end Greg and Holly are only friends. Chirag and Rowley also flirt a little, but although Rowley becomes a minor friend, Holly thinks Chirag is weird (All of this is implied).
violence 3/10 Greg tries to punch Rodrick at a roller rink, but misses and lands face-first on a birthday cake. We then see a cartoon version of young girls hitting Greg for ruining their party. Rodrick has Greg and Rowley ride in the back of his band's van, where there are no seats. The two boys are then bounced around hard during the drive (played for laughs), with Rowley's clothed butt landing on Greg's face. We see an online video of an older woman falling off a stage to a table, but then profiting from selling her resultant fame. Greg and Rowley try to make money the same way, hoping to capture Rowley falling backwards from being seated in a chair, but that doesn't work. However, Rowley (with underwear on his head, put there by Greg) later accidentally sits on a ball of foil with small wooden spikes coming out of it. As a result of Rodrick embarrassing Greg in church, Greg jumps on Rodrick and tackles him to the floor We see a flashback to Rowley jumping up and down on a bed and then falling off (we don't see the impact on the floor). After getting his diary back from his brother in a senior citizens center, but realizing he's only in his underwear, Greg darts into a bathroom, not realizing it's the women's room. He then peers out through the crack of the stall door, only to see a woman's eyeball right there. He then hits the floor and tries to scramble away, with one woman hitting him with her purse, while another grabs him once he's standing, but he manages to get away from her and others who've mistakenly grabbed and are holding another woman in a headlock (all played for laughs). Two boys watch a horror film and there is a picture of a man with no foot. In the horror film and women gets a toe shoved up her nose,it does not really look like it.
profanity 2/10 Frequently used insults include doofus, wimp, dork, buttbrain, loser and chunky cheese. Some mild scatological and anatomical terms such as pee, butt, poop, backside, etc plus Greg wears pants that people think have poo on it... Oh, well, the reaction when he gets his finger, proving its chocolate, and licks it, it's disgustingly funny. Then again, so is the scene with his brother placing fake vomit. Some other mild language includes heck, shoot, holy molly, etc 1 brief use of bloody hell. At least 1 use each of "Oh God" and "Oh my God."
alcohol 2/10 Rowley mouths lyrics to the Ke$ha song "Tick Tock" that include "Before I leave brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack (Daniels)" and "Pulling up to parties trying to get a little bit tipsy." Teens drink from plastic cups at an unsupervised party, but we don't know what they're drinking. Frank, Susan, and her two editors have wine in front of them with dinner. At night, the school's coach drops a six-pack (we don't know if it's beer or soda) in a parking lot after being startled.
frightening 2/10 A moderate amount of suspenseful and ominous music occurs in several scenes Mad that Greg earlier cracked and told their mom about his party, Rodrick is now again mad at Greg. He tells him that he's his brother but will never be his friend and, moments later, "You are so dead." At the same time, Frank is upset with Susan that she knew about the party (after the fact) but didn't tell him. Rodrick takes Greg's diary and threatens to give that to Holly. After Greg chases him around a senior citizens center in just his underwear, Rodrick hits record on their grandfather's VCR to tape security footage of Greg in that state, all with the intent to blackmail him later. Greg is a bit scared and slowly moves through the dark basement in which he's now been locked by Rodrick. As he shines his flashlight around, the light comes across a mannequin or similar figure down there. We see a DVD cover of the movie "The Foot" that shows a severed and seemingly slightly bloody foot. We then see clips from the cheesy movie, where a couple goes through a house at night during a storm, with the severed foot then hopping away. We then see the woman in bed and the foot appearing between hers, followed by that on her face (all with cheap looking movie effects). Greg and Rowley are spooked by this and freak out when the real bedroom door opens. They scream, stand up, and then fall from the bed. Rated PG for: Mild Violence.(HBO advisory) 14/50

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