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Clockers (1995)

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When there's murder on the streets, everyone is a suspect.

Sep 15,1995

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Crime | Mystery

Ratings: 6.8 / 10 from

27  users

Length: 128 Minute(s)


Strike is a young city drug pusher under the tutelage of drug-lord Rodney Little.When a night man at a fast-food restaurant is found with four bullets in his body, Strike's older brother turns himself in as the killer. Det. Rocco Klein doesn't buy the story, however, and sets out to find the truth, and it seems that all the fingers point toward Strike & Rodney.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity 1/10 A man is forced to pull down his pants and we see his buttocks. Some sexual innuendo and references. There is a scene where the camera focuses instantly on a television which is showing a woman's buttocks in (tanga) underwear while she is dancing.
violence 9/10 R-rated violence throughout the movie the beginning montage (in which we see dead victims). We see the dead body of a drug dealer in the beginning during the investigation. Graphic police brutality in the opening scene We see a scene of a guy threatening to put a cigarette in a kid's eye (disturbing). One character gives a graphic account of the first time he was forced to kill someone (and we see the killing). A character threatens to get a group of young kids from Connecticut raped in prison if they don't give up the drugs We see a scene where the main drug boss beats down his associate for daring to stand up to him (brutal) and threatens to kill him if he speaks to any cop. We see that same drug lord destroy the guy's car. Lots of damage. We see a kid shoot a known murderer, defending his buddy. We also see another dead guy's body later on (graphic somewhat, but not very detailed).
profanity 10/10 Most of the R rating comes from strong language and racist slurs. 185 uses of "Fuck" many other scatological terms, many milder obscenities, many racial epithets.
alcohol The film is filled with drug-related dialogue and acts. Lots of scenes of drug dealing. Some characters drink
frightening Outright atmosphere of murder in this movie The ending might sadden some. The second half is very depressing.

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