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What If You Had A Remote... That Controlled Your Universe?

Jun 22,2006

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Comedy | Romance | Fantasy

Ratings: 5.9 / 10 from

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Length: 107 Minute(s)
A workaholic architect finds a universal remote that allows him to fast-forward and rewind to different parts of his life. Complications arise when the remote starts to overrule his choices.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity On various occasions, we see the family's male dog humping a large, stuffed duck toy (at one point, the kids see this and call it "wrestling"). That includes it doing so in fast forward motion, and while "seated" back in a chair with the toy on top of him. In every scene the dog is panting with enjoyment and in some scenes his genitals are visible. Twice, Michael and his wife have sex in fast forward, but all you see in the shadow on the wall. Which is him humping her (a shadow of a dog is also briefly shown humping Michael) This only lasts a few seconds. At another point, the remote takes Michael and Morty to the "making of" his life, and they end up in a room with Michael's parents having sex, but once again, you don't see anything except the sheets moving. When Michael tries to get himself out of that room, he fast forwards to his birth. Michael states that he and Morty are inside his mother's vagina, though there is nothing anatomical about the scene. He and Morty are standing in a dark room and there is light coming through a slit in the "wall." You see a doctor's hands open the slit wider and then his face is revealed. Again, this is mostly innuendo and does not actually show a woman's vagina. In one Scene Michael is driving to work In fast forward but changes it to slow motion to see a busty women jogging, thus seeing her breast bounce in slow motion for a few seconds Throughout the movie you see various women in Michael's work in Short Skirts and revealing Tops Once or Twice Michael's wife wears and Indian costume that is quite revealing, and says to Michael that they should go "play" upstairs, which implies that they have sex. At one point in the future, when Samantha is 14, Michael is shocked to see her grown up and makes a remark about her boobs, and when she is 27 he sees a picture of her and calls "that girl chesty", without knowing its his daughter. And when he sees Samantha he says How did my daughter get so sexy, and touches her boobs and bounces them up and down. Nothing further is shown.
violence The neighbor kid makes fun of Ben while playing catch with him (for not being able to catch the ball). Michael then freezes time, adjusts the boy's hand and glove, and then restarts time, causing the ball to hit the boy in the face and knock him to the ground. When Ammer won't give Michael his promotion, he freezes time and hits Ammer repeatedly across the face. Micheal pauses time and kicks Bill several times in the crotch, then unfreezes time, whereupon Bill promptly falls to the ground and screams.
profanity 1 "f" word, 10 "s" words, 3 for male genitals ("schmeckel" and "di**" with another possible one of the latter), 5 for breasts ("ti****" and variations of "boob"), 10 a****, 7 he**, 3 variations of crap, 3 da**, 1 S.O.B. At one point, the main character uses "Motherf***" as an exclamation, though the scene is deliberately cut off mid-sentence and the only audio heard is "holy mother***" (this happens off-screen, so the word is also not revealed by the character's lips.) 7 uses of "Oh my God," 3 of "God," 2 each of "G**d***," "My God" and "Oh God" and 1 use of "Jesus." Pretty heavy profanity for a PG-13 rated movie. During the sad scene in the future, Michael flips-off Bill.
alcohol Thinking he's hallucinating while observing the remote's powers, Michael surmises that mass quantities of cough syrup and snack food means "You get acid." When Michael is talking to the neighbor boy, he is smoking a cigar. When the boy's mother comes out, she says how she didn't know Michael smoked cigars and Michael tells her that he snatched it away from Kevin and that he thinks he smells marijuana inside it. Michael's daughter asks him if he has smoked crack
frightening In the future, when Michael is trying to get to his adult kids, he becomes tired and is fainting. His family ran to help him after they heard Michael yelled his name. He was so tired and sick he died as he says he will miss is family. (with Morty there as an angel of death telling him it's his time). In one scene, Michael calls Morty and he appears suddenly as a figure in his kitchen arch. This could be frightening. also, in the graveyard scene, Michael tries to attack Morty and Morty disappears and reappears, very suddenly and unexpected. The scene where Michael last sees his father alive is very emotional and may be unsettling to viewers who have lost their fathers.

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