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Chinese Zodiac (2012)

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A man searches the world for a set of mystic artifacts - 12 bronze heads of the animals from the Chinese zodiac

Oct 18,2013

Hollywood Movies | Adventure | Action

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Length: 109 Minute(s)
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Asian Hawk (Jackie Chan) leads a mercenary team to recover several lost artifacts from the Old Summer Palace, the bronze heads of the 12 Chinese Zodiac animals which was looted by foreigners in the 1800s. Assisted by a Chinese student and a Parisian lady, Hawk stops at nothing to accomplish the mission. 

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity The "Brief Nudity" Is a painted full frontal portrait of an unclothed woman. While not the direct focus of the scene it is quite obvious as it is close to 5ft tall hanging on a wall. This is around 25 minutes in the movie. Also there is a somewhat immodest scene where a woman in leather boy-shorts is seen doing the splits and the words "Bikini tan line" come to mind so...
violence Non-realistic action violence except at the volcano scene. The main character is being chased by the dogs through the garden maze. The scene is rather comedic scene. We see the skeleton remains of the ship crew. Not disturbing though. The pirates are being attacked by the horde of bees. It is done somewhat hilarious/comical for some viewers. The four men (seen in silhouette) being beaten to death by unseen assailants. Later, the pictures of each dead men are seen. Brief but it is disturbing. The three teenagers are being attacked by unseen assailants. Later, we hear that the three are missing and we never seen again. This may be upsetting. Towards the end the movie, after the main character saving the dragon head from dumping into the mouth of the volcano he rolls continuously at the steep of the volcano, leaving his body injured and eyes red. Later, he is recovering at the hospital.
profanity Some uses of "ass". The whole movie is not in English :=)
frightening Action violence are not realistic, and sometimes it is played rather comedic scene. The scene where the four men being beaten to death may be disturb/upset some viewers. At the behind of scene or bloopers, this may find realistic.

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