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If yoursquo;ve got a taste for terror... take Carrie to the prom.

Nov 03,1976

Hollywood Movies | Thriller | Horror

Ratings: 6.8 / 10 from

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Length: 98 Minute(s)

Carrie may be ostracized, but the shy teen has the ability to move objects with her mind. So when the high school "in crowd" torments her with a sick joke at the prom, she lashes out with devastating -- and deadly -- power.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Sex/Nudity: 6/10 If you skip the first 5 minutes its fine Contains sex references and nudity - In the beginning of the film women's breasts are shown and a woman receives her first period in the shower, unaware what is happening and panics while girls throw tampons and towels at her - A woman sucks a mans fingers and they kiss passionately
violence Violence/Gore: 7/10 A woman gets her first period we see blood on her hand and running down her leg(She has no idea what a period is) A teenage girl is physically abused by her religious mother (often slaps her) A girl uses her telekinesis to make a boy riding a bike fall off (he is slightly injured) A religious mothers harms herself (often scratching herself and pulling her hair) A teenage boy kills pigs (We only see the hammer swinging up and down, we hear the pigs squealing) We see a girl doused in blood A girl uses her telekinesis to kill people at the prom. A high pressured hose crashes people to the tables. 3 men are electrocuted one of the men catches on fire and burns down the prom. A woman is killed by a falling basketball board that hits her in the torso cutting her in half. A bucket falls on a man's head making him unconscious. A man and a woman attempt trying to run a girl over but they get tipped over and the car explodes killing them both. A teenage girl is stabbed in the back with a knife. A teenage girl walks through her house full of candles and takes a bath (The girl taking a bath is covered in blood, which causes the water to turn red) A teenage girl is stabbed in the back with a knife by her mother falling down the stairs with blood wound shown, she uses her telekinetic powers to impale her mother with knives (blood is shown) killing her, she freaks out and grabs her mother into the closet while using her telekinesis to destroy and burn down the house(killing her) A survivor at the prom has a dream that she placed flowers on Carrie's grave which is a For Sale sign and a Bloody hand reaches up and grabs her, she wakes up screaming while her mother is telling her it's alright. A teacher sometimes slaps her students. A man slaps his girlfriend a few times. A girl is hit with a baseball cap. A girl takes a bath filled with blood scenes of several teenagers and faculty, dying in violent ways, at a Senior Prom
profanity Profanity: 6/10 11 F-words, some sexual references, 13 scatological terms (1 is written), 7 anatomical terms (1 is not fully uttered), 7 mild obscenities (1 is mouthed), 5 religious exclamations.
alcohol Alcohol/Drugs/Smoking: 4/10 Adult and teenage characters drink alcoholic beverages and smoke cigarettes in a few scenes.
frightening Frightening/Intense Scenes: 8/10 Several terrifying and disturbing scenes appear throughout the movie (all of which are accompanied by suspenseful/intense music,) especially the famous scene in which a girl massacres her prom using her telekinetic powers. The crucifix statue is quite frightening, especially for younger viewers. A creepy looking crucifix may be frightening at the end when the camera zooms towards it while the house collapses. Carrie's mother is a religious zealot who verbally, emotionally, and even physically abuses her daughter. Several people are locked inside a burning gym and are torched alive. A scene where a girl puts flowers on another girls grave and a bloody hand comes out of the ground and grabs her might frighten some viewers. Some scenes when Carrie is abused and teased may upset some viewers. The story is sad and tragic. MPAA/USA - Rated R for adult situations, language, nudity and disturbing violence. BBFC/UK - Rated 18 (strong horror, sex references, nudity).

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