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Subsequent to messing up a nonsensical bank burglary in a devastate California town, two wannabe hoodlums escape the scene with a prisoner and lead the nearby lawmen on a risky fast pursue.

Jul 01,2016

Hollywood Movies | Action | Crime | Thriller | Horror

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Length: 90 Minute(s)
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Part wrongdoing escapade gone amiss, part survival blood and gore movie, this 1970s set thriller delineates a nerve racking battle for survival after a couple of wannabe hooligans mess up a bank heist and escape into the betray, where they mysteriously unearth Carnage Park, a remote extend of wild possessed by a maniacal ex-military expert rifleman.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Nothing of concern.
violence A man covered in blood with a badly bruised eye is shot in the chest. He coughs up blood and is shot again off-screen. A man bleeds out in the back of a car. Two men plan a heist, which includes details of shooting people, if necessary. A man is shot in the stomach while bragging about his skills. He gets up, only to be shot in the back of the head. He covers a car door in blood and brain matter during this. A woman wakes up handcuffed to a corpse with a completely obliterated head. In order to detach herself, she mashes up the corpses hand with a rock so that the handcuffs can be separated from it. Some bodies seen tied to posts covered in a little blood. A barely conscious woman is suddenly shot in the chest from a distance. The attacker has the tables turned on him and is stabbed with a stake. A middle-aged man is discovered with his foot ensnared in a bear trap. He is bleeding badly. A sheriff tries to come to the aid of someone but it mistakenly stabbed in the neck by that person.
profanity My rough estimations: Son of a bitch x 5, Fuck x 46, Mother Fuck x 1, Shit x 2, Ass x 1, Pussy x 1.
alcohol Nothing, besides one scene with some cigarette-smoking.
frightening On more than one occasion people who we are led to believe are dead wake up. The appearance of the attacker is very intimidating, and his maniacal behaviour and persistence is frightening. Some unsettling chanting and other various bits of ambience are played on a loudspeaker system to spook victims. There is a creepy scene where a character enters a run-down shack that looks like a serial killer's hideout. This film also contains FLASHING/ STROBE Lighting effects that viewers with P.S.E need to be aware of

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