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Born to Be Blue (2015)

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A reconsidering of jazz legend Chet Baker#39;s musical rebound in the late #39;60s.

Mar 30,2016

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Music

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Destined to be Blue featuring Ethan Hawke is a reconsidering of jazz trumpeter Chet Baker's life in the 60's. At the point when Chet stars in a film about himself, a sentiment warms up with his costar, the baffling Jane (Carmen Ejogo). Generation is retired when Chet's past causes issues down the road for him and it shows up he may never play music again yet Jane moves him to mount a musical rebound against all the chances.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity A hazily edited and intimate sex scene from the waist up with some thrusting. The scene begins with hints of cunnilingis (the act is not fully shown and only implied). A man and a woman kiss patiently in a van in a wide shot. A man kisses a woman as she later lies down on a couch in a lacy bra (cleavage is visible). A woman uses an innuendo to proposition a man. A woman reveals that she's pregnant. Some brief sexual references.
violence A man is punched several times in the face and then brutally pistol whipped about six times by another man, knocking his teeth out. (Blood spurts out of his mouth and face with each increasing blow.) A man tries to play the trumpet with no teeth causing blood to flow out of his mouth, down a trumpet, and all over himself and a bathtub. Fairly upsetting scene. A man is found strung out on a carpet with a needle in his arm and blood covering his ear, mouth, neck, and part of his shirt; a woman finds him, wakes him up, and cleans him off with a washcloth and bowl of water. The bowl soon becomes bloody. A uses heroin several times and struggles with his addiction. We see it once --although the sequence is an odd mixture of a flashback and biographical film-within-the film-- and other times it is implied or we see the aftermaths. At the end of the film we briefly see a bloody needle on a tabletop. A man elbows a glass trophy case causing the glass to break.
profanity Several uses of f**k throughout, sometimes in a sexual connotation. Many other uses of s**t. Other uses of tits, son of a bitch, damn, and hell.
alcohol Strong depiction of heroin addiction and abuse. A man is seen injecting heroin once, other times are implied and we see the aftermaths and side effects they have on him. Once temporarily "clean", Chet relies on methadone to keep himself focused. Viewers may find the ending/true fact that Chet went back to a life of heroin addiction fairly upsetting.
frightening Suggested MPAA Rating: R for drug use, language including sexual references, some sexuality, and brief violence.

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