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In the era of personal branding, the scariest possibility is that someone might be better at being you than you are.

Dec 02,2010

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Thriller | Mystery

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Length: 108 Minute(s)
A ballet dancer wins the lead in "Swan Lake" and is perfect for the role of the delicate White Swan - Princess Odette - but slowly loses her mind as she becomes more and more like Odile, the Black Swan.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Contains strong sex 7/10 One sex scene, two scenes of masturbation, and brief sexual dialogue. There is no nudity. Thomas forcefully kisses Nina and she bites his lips. Thomas asks Nina to "touch herself" as a homework assignment to get in touch with her darker, sexual side. Nina and Lily sit on the back seat of a taxi. Lily slowly moves her hand to Nina's crotch and gently starts to rub it. A sex scene takes place between Nina and Lily.They kiss and take off their clothes until they're in underwear. Then it's implied Lily is performing oral at Nina. This scene last for several minutes. Nina (most likely imagines) Lily and Thomas having sex backstage. We see him on top of her on a table, thrusting forward. We see Lily's bra partially as she smiles at Nina. Thomas seduces Nina whilst dancing. They kiss passionately as he rubs her breasts and crotch. Nina is briefly seen topless. Nina strongly and passionately kisses Thomas. Kiss is short but hot. Sexual relationships are hinted at between Beth and Thomas, and Beth asks Nina if she had to perform oral sex on Thomas to win the lead role.
violence Contains strong violence and injury detail 8/10 Nina's increasing neuroses are manifested in a bizarre, unconscious kind of self-mutilation. Repeatedly she picks at the skin around her fingernails and scratches her back viciously. She has awful hallucinations in which she sees herself tearing bloody strips of skin away from her fingers. It's important to note that Nina's self-injury, conscious or not, is closely linked to her fears that her dance performance isn't perfect. Twice, Nina visits Beth in the hospital. The former ballerina has apparently tried to kill herself by throwing herself in front of a car (offscreen). During Nina's first visit, she looks under Beth's hospital covers and sees horrible stitched gashes, bruises and braces on her legs. The second visit has Beth savagely jamming a sharp nail file deep into her own cheeks and face. Horrified, Nina flees, only to find that she has the nail file in her hand. Nina brutally slams a door on her mother's hand. And her hallucinations include watching herself metamorphosing into a swan: Her neck elongates, her eyes going completely red, goose bumps on her arms erupt into actual feathers, she pulls bloody black feathers from her back, the skin on her toes fusing together and becoming webbed. In one of these scenes, Nina begins to transform in her bedroom, and bangs her head on the bed, knocking herself unconscious. Several camera shots focus on Nina's battered feet. We watch as she attends to black, broken and bleeding toenails. (The overall effect depicts ballet as an art form that requires something like self-torture and mutilation in order to perform it.)
profanity Contains strong language 16 instances of "fuck", 2 each of "whore", "ass", and "shit", as well as 1 each of "pussy", "cock", "dick", and "prick". Also 3 uses of "Jesus" and 2 of "God".
alcohol Contains one scene of hard drug use Lily smokes cigarettes, and shares one with Nina in one scene. Nina and Lily drink and take ecstasy in one scene. It shows the effects of the drug but in a very dark and unappealing light.
frightening Contains disturbing bloody images The movie has startling scenes and disturbing images. OFFICIAL AGE RATINGS: USA - R for strong sexual content, disturbing violent content, language and some drug use UK - 15 (strong sex, language, bloody images)

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