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You're only as strong as your next move.

Sep 07,2013

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Comedy | Romance | Music

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Length: 104 Minute(s)
Gretta's celebrity boyfriend breaks up with her after a long-term relationship, leaving the singer to find success on her own. With the help of record producer, Dan and hip-hop celebrity, Trouble Gum, Gretta strives to fulfil her musical ambitions.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity 4/10 A man stands in his estranged wife's bathroom and removes his slacks; he pokes his head around the bathroom door and calls out, "Hello, you can keep f***ing my wife," then pulls back into the bathroom off-screen and asks his wife if she likes what she sees, to which she chuckles and walks out. A teen girl jokingly says she spent her allowance on condoms, and her mother tells a man older boys want to have sex with their daughter; he asks if she has a pimp and receives no reply. A teen girl is told to make her dressing choices more appropriate, and that she looks "f***ing easy"; the girl is shown wearing short-shorts with a midriff-cut top that bares some cleavage.
violence 3/10 A man is punched in the nose; no blood is shown. In another scene, a man is slapped in the face. A painting falls on someone's head after he attempts to take it down. Police officers chase a performing band away. A brief reference to suicide.
profanity 8/10 50+ F-words or derivatives, 20+ scatological terms, seven anatomical terms, eight religious profanities. Name-calling (e.g. crazy, fool, retarded) Stereotypical references to teenagers, parents, singers/songwriters, groupies, record producers, and CEOs.
alcohol 5/10 A man enters a building and says that the neighborhood "used to be all hookers and crack." Several bar scenes feature men and women at the bar drinking cocktails and glasses of whiskey and bourbon while other men and women at nearby tables drink cocktails as well as wine and beer. A man and a woman drink whisky in a home. In another scene, a man and a woman drink wine. A man drinks alcohol from a flask. A man at a party where liquor and wine bottles are shown on many side tables refuses a drink and says that he is trying to stop using alcohol. A man says he could once only imagine musical arrangements when he was drunk. Several men and women drink champagne at a party and people dance with drinks in their hands. A man drinks a large cup of Saki before recording a song. A man pops pills or breath mints into his mouth (it is unclear which they are). A man smokes a cigarette or thin cigar in several scenes. A woman smokes a cigarette at home and he takes it and smokes it as he leaves the house (it is unclear whether the cigarette is tobacco or marijuana).
frightening 2/10 A man punches another man. A man responds very loudly and vociferously to getting fired, causing a scene at the office. A woman slaps a man, and he throws his glass into a sink. Overall: 20/50

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