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Whatever they dream up... he has to survive.

Dec 24,2008

Hollywood Movies | Comedy | Romance | Family | Fantasy

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Length: 99 Minute(s)
Skeeter Bronson is a down-on-his-luck guy who's always telling bedtime stories to his niece and nephew. But his life is turned upside down when the fantastical stories he makes up for entertainment inexplicably turn into reality. Can a bewildered Skeeter manage his own unruly fantasies now that the outrageous characters and situations from his mind have morphed into actual people and events?
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Contains mild toilet humor. Some girls are seen wearing bikinis. Many random moments with women's cleavage revealed. Bare-chested men are seen A young girl (innocently) kisses a boy on the cheek, and Skeeter gets a kiss from Jill. A mermaid is seen from behind with the side of her breast exposed.
violence One man is slapped by a hand that pops out of a gun. Other mild slaps and wrestling is shown. A guy accidentally sprays something in another person's eyes and these shouts follow: "this burns", "this hurts".
profanity At least 2 uses of "hell", "what the hell" and 4 uses of "God", "Good God" or OMG. 1 "bloody". One of the bedtime story character's name is "buttkiss". A guy slams the door on another person twice without any real reason. In one scene children are encouraged to lie to their parent. A number of 'butt' expressions and flatulence jokes.
alcohol References are made to drinking champagne, and there are other minor references to going "for a drink", but no drinking of alcohol is actually shown.
frightening Some monsters from the stories may be frightening for younger children, but all are portrayed in a humorous light. For instance, a mermaid has blacked out eyes and a booger monster is particularly vivid. A divorce is discussed as well which could be problematic for some children. There's a dubious ringtone in at least a couple of scenes that may worry younger audience. A man jumps to a pond with crocodiles as a suicide attempt, this scene is brief. A guy shouts in two scenes after what they call a "sleep panic attack". A girl is threatened in two scenes. Because of the numerous possibly frightening parts I wouldn't recommend this for younger children.

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