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Old heroes never die. They just get darker.

Sep 06,2012

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Length: 76 Minute(s)
Batman has not been seen for ten years. A new breed of criminal ravages Gotham City, forcing 55-year-old Bruce Wayne back into the cape and cowl. But, does he still have what it takes to fight crime in a new era?
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity PG-13 for some intense sequences of violence and action No sex. Batman is implied to be naked at one point of the movie. There is a part in the beginning of Batman's introduction, when a man who is possibly a pimp enters a taxi with what seems like a prostitute and he threatens to cut her face for getting a nose job, Batman later appears and attacks the pimp. 2/10
violence One of the most violent Batman movies ever. A man and woman are shot and killed, blood is seen spraying and staining the ground. A man (implied to be a pimp) attempts to mutilate a woman with a knife, but ends up getting glass in his hand and beaten up by Batman. Batman brutally takes down at least thirty people throughout the entire movie. Three men restrain two teen girls and attempt to kill them, but end up getting beaten up by Batman instead. One is electrocuted by a neon sign. Batman starts shooting at people from his tank-like batmobile, but with rubber bullets. A man gets into a gunfight with a young man offscreen, the young man is shot and killed and a picture shows his dead body with some blood around it. A woman is shot in the hand and then knocked out, plenty of blood seen. A man gets a batarang through his hand, some blood seen. He's then shot to death for no real reason with blood spraying and staining the ground. A group of people attempt to kill a 2 year old boy, but end up not getting the chance to do so. A man commits suicide off-screen by shooting at his own head with a revolver. A man is beaten violently, and it's said he's been temporarily crippled. A character crashes through a glass window and is bleeding severely. A man is mauled to death offscreen. We hear him scream and then see blood all over the room and his attacker. Batman gets into a fight with the mutant leader, he's beaten severely and is seen bleeding a lot, also having his arm broken and getting whacked with a crowbar. He breaks the mutant leader's nose and some blood is seen. Batman gets into another, much more brutal fight with the mutant leader, cutting his forehead (with blood leaking into the leader's eyes), paralyzing his arm, then breaking his arm and leg before beating him to unconsciousness. Batman suffers various wounds, and bleeds severely throughout the movie. The violence is intense and brutal with lots of blood in almost every instance. 8/10
profanity Bitch is used twice. Bull is said and shit is almost said 5/10
alcohol Characters are portrayed having drinks in a bar/restaurant setting. There are many references to drugs as people say Tripping and High 4/10
frightening The whole movie is frightening and intense. On the verge of possibly rated R violence A man forces a woman in the car before taking out a knife (while she begs and pleads for him not to do anything), but the man ends up getting beaten and subdued before he can do anything to her, still pretty stressful though. One of the criminals Batman takes down on his first night back on the job was a man who killed any woman nearby at an alley via a knife. His demeanor as well as his calling the women "mommy" and talking in a manner similar to a mother's child suggests that he was insane. Batman gets into two fights with the Mutant Leader, both pretty brutal, but the second one especially prolonged and brutal, plenty of blood is seen in both fights. 7/10

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