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Whoever wins... We lose

Aug 12,2004

Hollywood Movies | Adventure | Action

Ratings: 5.5 / 10 from

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Length: 101 Minute(s)
When scientists discover something in the Arctic that appears to be a buried Pyramid, they send a research team out to investigate. Little do they know that they are about to step into a hunting ground where Aliens are grown as sport for the Predator race.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity (4/10) A woman is wearing low-cut top in one scene One reference to a condom
violence (8/10) The majority of the violence is between the Aliens and the Predators. The predators have glowing green blood, and the Aliens have acidic green/yellow blood. If their blood was red, this film would be an R In the extended cut, a lot more human gore is seen, however it has been digitally added and isn't very convincing. Still not suitable for younger children (why would you let your kids watch this??) When the Predators arrive on earth, they kill alot of people. All of the deaths are off-screen or cut away right before, and in the extended cut, we can briefly see a knifeblade penetrating a mans body, and blood squirts out. Graphic but brief. The Predators usuamy hang up dead bodies in all of the Predator movies, but due to PG-13 rating, they don't skin them and it's usualy not so graphic. One man is killed, off-screen but we see blood splatters on the snow next to him, not graphic. One Predator is brutaly killed by an Alien, his tale penetrates the Predator and green stylized blood splatters out. If that wasn't graphic enaugh, the Alien drags the Predator off-screen and green blood splatters all over the place One Alien get's his half head cut off. The brain and other stuff in the Aliens head is seen, and some visible blood. In another extended scene, a Chestbuster (Alien in fase 2) burst out of a womans chest, blood is seen but it's very brief and the camera shake alot. The Alien Queen is dragged down to the deeps of the Atlantic Ocean. It's tied to a big object. A alien get's it head chopped of after death, the worst part is the sound effect. Another chestbuster burst out of a dead Predators chest, some green blood, and this scene is about 3 seconds There are other minor act's of voilence and some other deaths, but if the kids can handle all above, they can handle the entire movie
profanity 4/10 2 F-Words both spoken by main female character. Several other milder words throughout.
alcohol (1/10) One character smokes
frightening (7/10) The aliens are particularly scary, due to their strange appearance, and lack of visible eyes. The alien is one of the most terrifying movie monsters in history, and it guaranteed to scare viewers both young and old. The predators are not as scary looking, but their unmasked faces might scare younger viewers The alien queen is very scary, and huge Children will definitely be scared of the Facehugger creatures MPAA Rating: PG-13 Ages 15+

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