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Length: 95 Minute(s)
The world's most highly qualified crew of archaeologists and explorers is led by historian Milo Thatch as they board the incredible 1,000-foot submarine Ulysses and head deep into the mysteries of the sea.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity 3/10 A man stands on his head and his robe flops down, presumably leaving him naked from the waist down. Of course, we don't see anything. Revealing clothes worn by some female characters make the males bashful. Talk by an older woman of sleeping in the nude.
violence 6/10 Edgier and darker than much Disney fare. There are apocalyptic scenes of mass destruction and large weapon caches, which include dynamite, nitroglycerin, machine guns, various hand guns, grenades, torpedoes, and more. All of these weapons are used at various points of the movie. Hundreds of shipmates are killed when they suffer an attack by a giant monster. Rourke punches the village elder and ultimately causes his death. Lots of explosions, a fight with an ax, a bad guy is chopped up by a blade, and there's an attempt to commit genocide. There are also some minor things, like Milo vomiting (not visibly) when on the ship.
profanity 1/10 1 religious exclamation.
alcohol 5/10 Mr. Whitmore drinks two martinis in succession after doing yoga. A character chain smokes. Joke about whiskey.
frightening 5/10 Parents need to know that this movie is scarier and more intense than much Disney animated fare, with larger-than-life scenes of mass destruction (by crushing tidal wave, sea monsters, molten lava, and more). There are also lots of dive-bombing planes and guns, a huge robot monster, fire, and the deaths of hundreds of anonymous sailors. Characters are mean to each other, and some betray each other. Major characters are in peril, and some are killed. One character is a chain-smoker, and there are jokes about whiskey and sleeping in the nude. The opening scene where Atlantis is destroyed may upset some viewers. Overall Rating: 19/40

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