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An All-American school star and his glamorous lady spouse watch their apparently consummate life go to pieces, as their little girl joins the turmoil of #39;60s America.

Oct 20,2016

Hollywood Movies | Drama

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Seymour Levov, passing by the moniker of "Swede" in the Jewish people group he was naturally introduced to, was considerably a greater amount of an all-American than Douglas Fairbanks himself. He had simply everything an American symbol can dream of: not exclusively was the tall solid young fellow his secondary school star competitor however he wedded a lovely lady named Dawn into the deal. What's more, as though this were insufficient, Swede later turned into the fruitful supervisor of the glove manufacturing plant his dad had established, which permitted him to live with his significant other in a wonderful house in the New Jersey wide open. Very much mannered, constantly brilliant, grinning and positive, moderate however with a liberal edge, what awful would ever transpire ? But then... But this was retribution without destiny and its upsetting incongruity, Swede and Dawn's adversary showing itself in the individual of Merry, their dearest little girl who in her high schoolers out of the blue transformed into a brutal dissident...

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nudity None. Rita attempts to seduce Swede and lies on a bed in a skirt, spreads her legs open and comments on her genitals. She's implied to not be wearing panties. She touches herself and makes a lot of very explicit comments. Dawn has a scene where she is portrayed as going crazy and walks around the factory wearing just a sash over her body, covering one breast, and what appears to be shaving cream or something similar over her genitals. Through angles and lighting and objects obscuring view, no nudity is actually shown. Merry mentions that she was raped and this is repeated in later conversations.
profanity The infrequent use of stronger expletives such as "motherf**ker" are featured, but are justified by context and not too impactful. The film contains some use of coarse language, such as the stronger expletive "motherf**ker", as well as the expletives "f**k" and "prick", as uttered by the main characters out of anger and/or frustration. This would make the film permissible for an older teen audience.
frightening plot on previous page ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Official MPAA Rating: below (by IMDB)

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