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Feb 24,2012

Hollywood Movies | Action | Thriller | War

Ratings: 6.3 / 10 from

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Length: 110 Minute(s)
When a covert mission to rescue a kidnapped CIA operative uncovers a chilling plot, an elite, highly trained U.S. SEAL team speeds to hotspots around the globe, racing against the clock to stop a deadly terrorist attack.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Brief kissing.
violence The ice cream van blows up killing the U.S. Ambassador & his son, numerous innocent children, and one guard nearby in an opening scene as a terrorist walks away from the van. A child is briefly seen on fire afterwards. The two main themes involve a CIA operative getting kidnapped and the kidnappers then conspiring to commit terrorist acts in The USA. The female CIA agent is shown bruised and bloody up close several times during a torture/interrogation. No on screen torture is seen though her screams are heard. An unarmed man is unsuspectedly shot in the head. This is off screen, though a high amount of blood splatters on the wall behind. A woman with him is then attacked by several violent punches that leave her unconscious. One character takes a bullet to his eye,and is later shown with an eyepatch. Several scenes with graphic shoot outs, including soldiers and terrorist getting killed graphically onscreen (limbs blown off, head-shots, etc) A car is blown up by a rocket in slow motion. Everyone inside is consumed by the blast. One character gets blown up by throwing himself on a grenade. A woman kills herself by detonating a suicide vest in an attempt to kill a group of soldiers.
profanity 10 f-words. About 10 s-words. The name of Jesus is used as an expletive on two or three occasions. We also hear "a," "dn" and "h." There is a crude reference to testicles.
alcohol Characters drink and smoke Some of the terrorists are involved with drug dealing.
frightening A scene involving torturing a CIA agent and children dying at the hands of a suicide bomber may upset some viewers.

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