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Five jubilee specialists are grabbed and held prisoner in a relinquished, Hell-like compound where they are compelled to take an interest in a fierce amusement, the objective of which is to survive twelve hours against a pack of vicious jokesters.

Sep 15,2016

Hollywood Movies | Thriller | Horror

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The day preceding Halloween, five festival workers are abducted and held prisoner in a detached compound known as "Murderworld". On Halloween, they are tossed into a twisted diversion called "31" where they should survive 12 hours against a group of crazy people dressed like comedians. It's a great opportunity to play 31.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Although there are scenes of female frontal nudity, none last more than a few seconds. An African-American couple are seen having sex. Breasts and glimpses of her rear are seen as she lays on her stomach. The main antagonist is seen having sex. Load moaning is heard. The woman's rear is exposed partially. Later her breasts can be seen as she gets up and walks to the door. Full frontal nudity of a couple of attendants can seen in the later part of the film, including their shaved pubes. This lasts for about a minute put together. A few instances of topless, but mutilated corpses are seen; however discerning specific parts is difficult. An instance where the female lead flirts with an elderly man, caressing her crotch over her clothes seductively. She is stopped by another man.
violence We see stabbings, mutilation, blood splatter. People hit on the head with crowbars, hacked to death with axes, chainsaws.
profanity Frequent and very harsh language. Many uses of the F word, including some paired with 'mother'. Uses of cock-sucker and even three uses of cunt. Equal amounts of milder language, such as bitch, shit and ass(hole); also some crude gestures (the middle finger, as well as some that are sexual). One vulgar use of 'twat.' Every character is almost unnaturally foul-mouthed.
alcohol Instances of smoking by the antagonist and other people throughout.
frightening {See Violence & Gore} Same may be considered frightening for some people. All the people in the group get killed off one after the other. The victims in turn manage to kill some of their would-be killers. In the end the female lead is implied to be killed as well, though this is not explicitly shown.

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