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Tooken - The spoof on the popular Taken franchise.

May 26,2015

Hollywood Movies | Comedy

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Size: 675 MB
Length: 80 Minute(s)
Resolution: 720p , 1080p Bluray
Tooken - The spoof on the popular Taken franchise.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Lots of talk about sex and sexual innuendos. A man receives some texts that are sexual in nature. A woman loses her skirt, her panties visible. A man and woman talk about having sex. They kiss briefly before being interrupted. A man watches TV commercials. One is about an erectile dysfunction pill. Another is about a Girls Gone Wild-type video where girls are shown in bikinis. A man gets an erection after taking an erectile dysfunction pill. He is shown nude from behind, his butt visible. A man is shown in bed wearing only underwear, preparing for sex with his girlfriend. A man pulls out a large black dildo from a drawer. A man and woman kiss. A man and woman kiss. A man takes a large quantity of erectile dysfunction pills. He gets a massive erection and uses his penis as in a sword fight. A man and woman have sex in an airplane bathroom. No nudity.
violence A man throws a teenager through a wall. A man beats up a teenager. A man is hit by a grenade. Only his thumb is blown off. A man is punched in the face and knocked out. A man is run over by a truck. A man has his hand shot off. Lots of blood. He throws a hammer at the shooter and hits him in the chest and kills him. A dog bits a man's arm off below the elbow. Lots of blood sprays everywhere. A man eats a bomb. He explodes later. Two men fight. One stabs the other.
profanity Some swearing, including the "f" and "s" words and "bitch". Other crass language like pussy, whore, etc.
alcohol Drinking. Marijuana smoking.

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