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Five married guys conspire to secretly share a penthouse loft in the city--a place where they can carry out hidden affairs and indulge in their deepest fantasies. But the fantasy becomes a nightmare when they discover the dead body of an unknown woman in the loft, and they realize one of the group must be involved .

Jan 30,2015

Hollywood Movies | Thriller

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The architect Vincent Stevens; the psychiatrist Chris Vanowen; the real estate agents Luke Seacord and Marty Landry; and Chris' half-brother Philip Trauner are married and best friends. Vincent proposes his friends to share a wonderful penthouse loft in a brand new building designed by him to become their rendezvous instead of using their credit cards for love affairs and one night stands in hotels. When they discover the body of a beautiful woman cuffed on the bed in the loft, they have argument to find who is the responsible and secrets are disclosed affecting their friendship .

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity There are a number of sex scenes in the film, some are shown as a recording on a small tv and some are blurry. During these there are shown occasional buttocks and partial breasts are shown - with full breast shown once. Although most sexual scenes do not include much nudity, they are still graphic in nature - movements are shown. A mostly clothed 'doggy style sex' scene, very brief, attempted comedic effect. Some characters go skinny dipping in one scene. The man strips down and the woman comments that she is impressed. When she takes off her clothes she is shown walking to and standing on the edge of the pool before jumping in - buttocks visible and a little side-boob are visible as she is shown from behind and looks back behind her, then gets into the water. Attempted rape of a prostitute implied; interrupted but later still mentioned. Explicit sexual dialogue. Promiscuous sex is discussed and encouraged, having affairs is openly discussed, several woman in the film are prostitutes.
violence A man is implied to have raped a prostitute, bruises are shown on her face and body but nothing worse than that. Two men get into a fist fight at a casino. A woman who is believed to be dead has her wrists deeply cut with a kitchen knife. Initial shots are of her lying in the bed face down and her blood is shown covering her body and bed. Another scene shows the actually cutting of her wrist with blood coming out - this shot is shown several times and is the most violent part of the movie. Three times in the movie a man is threatened by another man with a knife (different characters in these scenes). A man falls from a great distance to the street below, blood is shown on his body & face.
profanity F- and other words used throughout the movie. The F word is used both in the general cursing way as well as a sex reference in more than a few occasions. Shit, goddamnit, and a few others are used too.
alcohol Throughout the film one of the main characters consumes cocaine in several scenes. All of the characters in this movie drink a lot of alcoholic beverages. A drug overdose (sleeping pills) is implied. A man is drugged with a substance in his whiskey.
frightening The movie's tone is intense by design.

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