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Jack, a social pariah, is pushed out of his customary range of familiarity when the outside world hits into his entryway and he can#39;t contain his savage past.

Dec 18,2015

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Comedy | Thriller

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Jack's stuck. Gloom and serious against social conduct has whittled down his presence to dozing and staring at the TV. He spends his days in a burger joint, playing church bingo and dozing. When some procured hooligans make a mockery of Jack's life is blended up and the topic of his presence becomes known.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity An elderly man walks around his house in his underwear at the beginning of the movie. This is nonsexual A young woman says that she uses vagina to pay for her alcohol, which strongly implies that she uses sex to pay for it A handful of sexual references and advances throughout. Nothing graphic
violence A single unarmed character kills a large number of men, most with his bare hands and one with his teeth. He tells another man that he intends to kill him and eat him. A character kills another ripping his throat with one hand and then chews it very visibly. A young man and a teenage girl are beaten by gangsters; their battered and bloody faces are clearly shown. We later see the young man in a hospital bed. A character eats human body parts raw, including several fingers, and licks spilled blood off the floor. A character who works in a hospital is strongly implied to be supplying another character with parcels of human flesh, though this is never directly stated and we do not see what's inside the parcels. A character is directly shot/stabbed in the face and body numerous times; there are bloody wounds but he barely reacts to them. A character is seen using pliers to pull an embedded bullet out of his forehead. A character deliberately breaks another man's leg. A character is shown cutting several fingers from the hand of a man he has killed. We later see him eating the fingers (the scene is darkly lit but there is no doubt what is happening).
profanity Many, many F-bombs, too numerous to count. Several uses of "bitch".
alcohol A woman worries about her daughter's excessive drinking and tries to keep her from driving while intoxicated.
frightening On numerous times through the movie it is implied that a character hears something in his head. He hears a heavy mix of animal growls and howls, people's moans, cries of terror, deep voices in foreign languages. All accompanied with a suspenseful rhythmical beats.

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