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A single mother struggling with drug addiction is taken hostage in her own apartment by a man on the run who has broken out of jail and murdered the judge assigned to his case. Watch Online And Download Captive (2015) Full Length Movie for Free with single click

Sep 18,2015

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Crime | Thriller

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In this fact-based thriller, a single mother struggling with drug addiction is randomly taken hostage in her own apartment by a man on the run from the law for breaking out of jail and murdering the judge assigned to his case - only to realize before the climactic finish that they have actually saved each other's lives.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Even though rape is mentioned numerous times, there are no rape scenes or nudity shown.
violence Mild violence... A female guard is punched by a man. There's an initial punch, and two more when the guard is down. None of the punches are shown making contact. She is soon after shown bloodied on the face, but only briefly. Two people are shot one right after the other. There's no blood or bullets shown entering the victims. Another guard is shot while trying to apprehend the assailant. This is not graphic. A man's head is bashed on his car hood before he is carjacked. He's showed on the ground with a bloody nose. A woman is taken hostage and retrained by various means. The most disturbing of which is when she is taken to her bed and her hands are taped behind her back then her ankles are bound. This is only disturbing because the woman clearly thinks she's going to be raped and is terrified. There are scenes where the woman is threatened with guns and yelled at. It's implied that if she doesn't cooperate her daughter will be harmed. A man is shown laying on the ground with gun shot wounds.
profanity I don't remember any, but if there was it was mild. No effs.
alcohol Both main characters are shown using (snorting) crystal meth. Crystal meth is shown on several occasions. The use of drugs is discussed in a 12-step meeting.
frightening It's less graphic than many shows on network television, but it's a potentially frighting subject and very adult material.

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