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Boko Haram: Terror in Africa (2016)

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Jan 01,2016

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Last month, 82 Nigerian schoolgirls were released after 3 years of imprisonment. In exchange, 5 terrorist leaders walked free - These leaders belong to Boko Haram, the most bloodthirsty terrorist group on the planet. The group gained global notoriety after their kidnapping of 276 students in 2014, over 100 of which have not yet been released. Their objective: to establish a Caliphate and impose sharia - Islamic law - in the heart of Africa. In an attempt to understand who these terrorists are, how they operate, and what kind of a threat they represent to Africa and the rest of the world, we have investigated in Nigeria, Cameroon and on the border of Niger and Nigeria, meeting former prisoners, repented jihadists and troops on the frontline.
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