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In New York City 1981, an ambitious immigrant fights to protect his business and family during the most dangerous year in the city s history .

Jan 30,2015

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Action | Crime

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A crime drama set in New York City during the winter of 1981, statistically one of the most violent years in the city's history, and centered on the lives of an immigrant and his family trying to expand their business and capitalize on opportunities as the rampant violence, decay, and corruption of the day drag them in and threaten to destroy all they have built .
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity No clear sex or sex references - A woman wears a revealing dress. - People in clearly sexual relationships are shown, but with little or no reference to their sex lives. - A young man watches and admires young women walking by on a college campus.
violence Contains strong violence, some bloody - A trucking company is hijacked on multiple occasions. One attempted hijacking devolves into a shootout in broad daylight. - A young girl fumbles with a loaded gun before having it taken away. - A deer is shot to death by a person after being crashed in a very dark weather. - There are multiple beatings and fistfights between characters. - A criminal dies from a car crash and we see briefly see his lifeless body in a truck. - A man shoots himself in the face. Bloody injury detail is shown.
profanity Contains frequent strong language and one use of very strong language - Thirty uses of "fuck" and 1 use of "cunt" [0:59:36].
alcohol Contains alcohol consumption and smoking within a historical context
frightening The film takes place in the most dangerous year of a city's history. There is a quiet but strong car chase scene. The film can get intense through progressing the film. Recommended for 15-16 and up..

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