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New York is a long way to go for a kiss.

May 01,2011

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Nineteen year old Orla from Country Antrim wins 'Follow a Star' on the Irish national TV station. Her prize is a quest - to find C&W star Jed Wood, give him a kiss, and report on her adventure on the following week's show. Ray Timmons, a middle aged documentary cameraman, is the only person available to document her on her quest. Together they travel to New York, meet up with a jaded sound recordist, Mike, and set about chasing down Jed - arriving at film sets, recording studios, everywhere Jed is due to be. Their progress is followed by a couple of DJs on a local radio station. During the week the chase continues, their relationship changes, and they learn a lot about each other and bout pursuing their own dreams, before they return to face the music back home. Written by Anonymous (
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